Tackling COmmunity Issues

  • A cost effective Downtown City Centre Project as part of our Downtown Centre Revitalization
  • Expand indoor and outdoor PickleBall
  • Holding Developers & Builders Accountable
  • Committed to working on complex problems regardless of level of government
  • Implement the “New Recreation Masterplan” including the Skateboard Strategy
  • Implement the recommendations of the Integrated Transportation Master-Plan (roads, sidewalks, trails and bikeways) creating seamless connections
  • Implement and expanding Community Safety Community Welling Initiatives
  • Implement an Affordability Strategy, that address’s the lack of affordability and lack of housing forms (ownership and rental)
  • Implement a balanced approach to intensification along Kingston Road with regard for local business, employment and accumulative impact on infrastructure
  • A proactive approach to Homelessness in Pickering and Durham Region
  • Construction of Accessible/Barrier Free Playgrounds
  • Stopping Urban Sprawl
  • A Transportation Hub with a High Frequency Rail Station in Green River North Pickering (Highway 7)
Maurice Brenner

Ensuring Integrity, Accountability and Transparency

  • Committed to Community Engagement and Empowerment
  • Direct access and response to resident concerns in a timely fashion
  • A consensus builder with a Strong Community Voice, not afraid who will challenge the Council on behalf of the community

Addressing Diversity and Inclusiveness

  • Implement the 2021 recommendations of the Task Force Report on Service/Support Animals
  • Implement a City wide Diversity Strategy that will address changing demographics
  • Implement the Age Friendly Strategy with a focus on the 55plus
  • Implement a “New” Children and Youth Strategy with a focus

Reduce the High Residential Tax Base
Through Strong Economic Development

  • Continue the fight to change the way properties are unfairly assessed in Pickering and Durham Region
  • The Pickering Innovation Corridor has the potential create opportunities for new Business Growth, and “New” good paying jobs
  • New Entertainment Centre, Movie Studio, Hotel to be situated as part of Durham Live will attract tourism and provide new employment opportunities